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Other types of tree services and maintenance

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When you already have a talked to several tree removal service to have your tree or stump removed, look a bit deeper before you settle on the service. Look for their websites and see how professional they are. See their ratings and reviews or recommendations from the past customers who have used their service before. Make sure that you are getting the service you really trust and not ending in a situation where your fence or flowerbeds or your yard and even your home being damaged. 

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How tree removal and cutting are related 

Both tree cutting and tree removal has only one method of which the tree is felled. The most popular equipment among arborist is a chainsaw because of its capabilities of getting a tree trunk cut off and pulled down. Aside from chainsaw, there are others equipment being used in tree removal such as axe and other types of saw for tree cutting needs a different tool for a different scenarios or situation in tree cutting from the removal of limbs and depending on the size of the girth of the tree and other factors. However, tree cutting will always involve the removal of the tree but it is not always the stump that sets them apart from other field of tree services. 

Tree trimming services 

Trees are always exposed to the element so it is always getting full impact from natural conditions such as pests, climate change and diseases, they need care also and often the maintenance to keep them in the healthiest level to survive. That is the reason why tree owners need to have their trees pruned and trimmed on a regular basis all throughout the summer and spring. Some tree owners are enthusiast and know the procedure of pruning and trimming their trees but sometimes if you are not sure and you accidentally cut the branches too much or you make the shrub to bare, trimming services are there to help.  

Trimming near the power lines 

If the tree or the shrub are near the power lines, it is much better to call the power company than a trimming company because it would be a lot easier and cheaper for you for power companies will not charge you for the trimming trees near power lines and its much safer for them to cut near the power lines than doing it by an arborist. Many arborists would not trim trees if it is near the power lines of it is risky and might cause a power outrage in the entire neighborhood. Check where the tree is located and if the branches are within the reach of a power line. If its touching the power line or maybe a foot close, it’s worth calling your local power company for them to discuss the best action for the situation. 

The best season for trimming and pruning 

Most tree owners consider spring and summer to be the best time in doing the trimming and pruning but it doesn’t matter for the tree services to check your tree if you call them. They will be able to give you tips and advice to ensure that your tree stays healthy and grow strong. That’s is why they have been on the field and they are certified. 

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