Information you need to know before hiring a tree service 

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Spring and summer are the season for homeowners to have maintenance on their trees in their yard in making sure of the growth and preventing any damage it should be done to their home. Some homeowner like to DIY the tree maintenance or tree cutting and take the responsibility themselves but hiring a professional is safer and easier for they have the proper equipment and skills in doing the job right especially if the tree is close to your home or it includes tree stump removal. However, deciding which company service to take is sometimes not easy for there are several tree removal companies in a certain area. So here are some ideas to consider before deciding on which company to hire to do your job. 

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Check company credentials 

It’s always easy for someone to buy an equipment and declare themselves a professional tree cutting service provider but to make sure that you will get the right company to obtain the highest level of service, it is recommended that you stick to companies that has a great track record and that it is proven. ask the company for references and other questions about the company like their license and insurance as well. There are lots of honest companies out there but there are also dishonest one so be careful on choosing the company that you will hire. 

Get down to specifics 

Each homeowners’ needs are different so you should ask what specific questions to know that the tree service and maintenance company you are hiring is the right one. Ask them about the following: 

Pricing – the company charges depends on the service you will need and some other different things and that it makes pricing a big deal. Some companies based their fee on the height of the tree while some charge per hour. Some companies add extra charge for the travel so ensure that you ask all of these questions as well. 

What’s included in the tree removal service – find out what are the inclusions of the service because some companies will cut down the tree and chop the trunk to manageable pieces and haul them away for you while others just cut down the tree and leave it where the tree fell and letting you handle the rest of the work to be done. In some cases, a company will charge you extra fee for the hauling of the pieces of the tree or other work aside from cutting of tree so be sure to have it on paper of all the inclusions before you let them cut your tree. 

Extras – sometimes it is worth it to pay extra fee to have the extra work done like for example, if the company offers discounted price for grinding the stump after the cutting down of tree. That is something you will do later anyway and having the professionals do it would save you time. Some companies will chip the branches and haul them away or leave them if you are using it. 

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